Care and Feeding

Comparing human vs. horse food

Discuss how horses live (shavings, water)

Grooming and Hygiene

Comparing human self care tools vs. horse grooming tools

Discuss how each tool is used and why hygiene is important

Body Parts

Discuss the difference between horses and humans, what parts are different vs.which are the same


Recognizing emotions in others

How to react to someone who may be having a bad day emotionally

Sample 4-6 Week Mounted/Riding Program

School Groups

Unmounted Equine Experiential Education

Week 1: Welcome Farm Tour

-Meet the horses and discuss safety

-Learn about grooming tools and how to properly groom a horse

-Learn proper leading techniques by controlling the horse's movement through leading activities

Week 2: Communication-Request, Response, Release

-Understanding how to communicate with horses

-Learn to identify tack (saddles, bridles etc.) and how to tack a horse

-Mount their horse and communicate with it using voice, leg and rein aids

Week 3: Practice Makes Perfect

-Groom, tack and mount their horse

-Practice the communication aids while riding

-Become independent riders and be taken off lead line

Week 4: Getting Past Obstacles (Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself)

-Walk and ride their horse through an obstacle course using their leadership skills and communication

-Learn to overcome challenges with patience and confidence

Week 5: Staying Centered and In Control

-Experience lunging a horse on a long line to observe the horse's movement-walk, trot, canter

-Ride and enjoy a trail ride in our beautiful scenic woods.

Week 6: Gymkana (games on horseback)

-Students will use their riding skills as they participate in several games on horseback





Create a collage with various horse necessities

Make a horse treat using horse feed, carrots, corn and molasses

Grooming Stamp project

Discuss texture of each grooming tool

Groom the horse using the appropriate tools

Puzzle of horse and human body parts

Match the parts correctly

Pin the tail on our pet donkey

Using the horse cut-out, glue on the emotion your horse is having (happy, sad, mad)

Using the human cut-out, glue on the emotion you are feeling

Discuss why you might feel this way

Starlight Farm works with a variety of area schools

to customize a program that works for their

specific students.  We currently work with:

Horizon School

(Cerebral Palsy Center of Northern NJ)

Livingston, NJ


Lakeland High School

Wanaque, NJ

NJEDDA High School (North Jersey Elks Developmental Disabilities Agency)

Clifton, NJ

Art, Science, Biology, Math,

Reading, Home Economics

Art, Science, Physical Ed,


Language Arts, Science, Health,

Physical Ed, Reading

Language Arts, Health,

Physical Ed